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Rustic Wedding in the woods with “Iana & Paul”

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

How to plan a Wedding in 1 month or less


I do! The promise of two people who love each other, who are uniting their destinies in front of the God and swear love and respect for the rest of their marriage. Nevertheless, to celebrate this beautiful moment in their lives, they will need to plan everything from the scratch and have someone who will put the puzzle of all what they need together.

This is what Iana & Paul did. They called me 1 month before the wedding saying that they are ready. I am never afraid of challenges, so I said: Let’s Do it!


Wedding Theme

First, we choose the rustic theme and choose the location: The vows at the beach, the party In the #Woods! Elegant rustic #wedding ideas are not at all difficult to achieve with just a little creativity. If you decide to have a rustic wedding - keep in mind to incorporate some delicate, traditional and formal details into rough rustic elements, such as lace, baby’s breath, ribbons, floral, greenery, vintage candles, etc.


Wedding Dress

Traditionally, a wedding dress must be ordered at least six months before a wedding. However, for the bride short on time, there are other alternatives. Since we have chosen such a relaxed theme and location, we taught that the dress should represent the style of the wedding.

Our luck that someone from #Moldova send us a unique ethno wedding dress with some blue elegant ornaments of traditional embroideries by #AlinaBradu. We also asked the guests to wear something #ethno they already have in their wardrobe, this way we created a unique style that matched the wedding theme.


The Swing of Love

#Swing is one of the marvelous ideas of your indoor and outdoor wedding reception. Decorative swing can fascinate your wedding reception with their great embellishment. Umm, I know its a lot to ask, but if you can throw in a decked-out swing with your wedding decor, please do!

Choose blooms and greenery according to the season: if it’s a fall wedding, go for bold blooms, if it’s spring go neutrals and blush. In case you opt for the only greenery, create textural decor to make the swing more eye-catching. You can decorate just one side to make it more eye-catchy or cover the whole swing with lush flowers to make it look adorable. Awesome photos guaranteed!


Choose a softer lighter color; decorate any rustic wooden elements such as barrels, wooden plates, crates with flowers and lace. Here is how rustic easily meets elegance. Flowers give to the wedding more richness, the harmony of fragrance and colors. With flowers, each event will be memorable, gorgeous and unique. In special for the wedding, the flowers give an magic and original picture what determines the style of event.

For a wedding, you can choose a different type of flowers, but most popular are roses, hydrangea, ranunculus, orchids, peonies, freesia, calla lilies, lilies, and tulips. Also to make this gorgeous and rich the floral arrangement may be mixed with some fillers like hypericum berries, stock, gypsophila and some greenery like ivy, leather fern, myrtle, silver dollar eucalyptus to complete the staining creation.


Wedding arch

Thinking of using a wedding #arch? You’re not alone — for many brides, they serve as an indispensable grace note when it comes to getting married in a garden or park, in a spacious backyard or by the sea. A given arch might not look imposing, but even a simple one has a way of powerfully framing you both, whether you’re standing against the giant sweep of the ocean, or saying your “I Do”s in an otherwise undistinguished space

Lace barn

Lace stands for romance and elegance. A touch of lace detail will add an instant touch of elegance and femininity. Think lace gowns, lace table runner, lace invitations… the possibilities are endless!Lace stands for romance and elegance. A touch of lace detail will add an instant touch of elegance and femininity. Think lace gowns, lace table runner, lace invitations… the possibilities are endless!


Other details

Also, the bride desired a boutonnière for her groom, bouquets of flowers for #bridesmaids, boutonnière for groomsmen and fathers, wreaths for the flower girl, corsages for her mother in mother-in-law, some decoration at the church or at the beach like arch or flower arrangements.

All these decorations need to be created by a specialist - who will transform the flowers put all together into a wonderland with an unforgettable view. The bride and groom will have the best and unique moment in their lives - as Iana and Paul did this weekend. Yes! We did it in a month and everybody loved it.


With this said, I want to wish Iana & Paul, to let this occasion mark the start of another journey. May the life ahead be a cheerful one with love, happiness, excitement, joy, and peace. May this everlasting love be like that of a crown jewel which will tie all the bonds together. Hearty wishes to the loveliest couple.

With Love,

your Flower Chef

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