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Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Hello! My name is Victoria and I am the Flower Chef of Dream Toy Flowers.

Probably you will ask yourself what is that? Then I will tell you... Yes! Like a Real Chef, I put in my creations some flowers, love, passion, dream, inspiration, and energy. Flowers are the creation of natural power and life cycle. They are my tools to compose a flower dish for my guests & customers.

Flowers for me have different meanings, colors, and fragrance that make my flower dish more impressive and unforgettable. I always try to start from the base of flower arrangements to raise the carriages of something unique and original. The flowers compositions have to be upgraded in time because people are attracted to new things, taste and vision. My flower dishes have to be in a continuous progress and style. It's not easy but, I always try to rebuild the classic style into a new one. I don’ t use only flowers, foam, and tools to make a sculpture or arrangements, I put a lot of imagination, passion, color harmony, special ingredients and desire to make everyone happy.

I want my customers to feel like they are in a dream or in a fairyland, full of surprises and pleasure. Ones they try my flower dish I want them never stop to desire more and more uniqueness and originality because this is what they deserve. The best service possible. Many people told me that my flower sculptures are not for everyone and I felt bad at the beginning. Then, I thought about that a little deeper and I understood that they are right. My flower artworks are for people that desire emotions and something absolutely unique. My customers are ready to go to the NEXT LEVEL of EMOTIONS.

My Mission

Like a flower chef, I have passion but I also need people who inspire me more and ask for more creative flower dishes. I love the magic of nature. I love the creation. I love the sensibility of beautiful.

More than that... I'm thankful that it can see, smell, touch and make from flowers beautiful things that create memories that are hard to forget. I fell that this game of creativity is my life and vocation. Is my meaning on the earth to give beautiful flowers a new concept and look.

So, let's Flower the World together!
What would you like to order?

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